About Trent Copeland

Trent Copeland is a nationally recognized attorney.  Whether his client is an ordinary citizen, a high profile celebrity or a well known professional, Mr. Copeland's impressive string of courtroom victories in a variety of civil and criminal cases demonstrates a command of the law and the courtroom that places him among California's most sought after lawyers in high stakes matters.

He successfully represented Shannen Doherty in her highly publicized arrest for drunk driving and actor Jean Claude Van Damme in his well documented criminal matter.  Mr. Copeland also won a complete dismissal of all felony charges against Dr. Gordon Goei, a prominent Hollywood physician, who had been investigated for murder and charged with practicing medicine without a license. 

This year Mr. Copeland obtained a sentence of probation for a former Orange County police officer and FBI agent who had been charged with involuntary manslaughter.  He is also an expert in the field of vehicle and traffic matters.  Most recently, he represented “Hustle and Flow” co-star Taryn Manning in her vehicle related arrest and obtained a dismissal of DUI charges against “Sandlot” star Marley Shelton in her publicized court case. 

As one of the most visible and respected attorneys in California, Mr. Copeland is frequently called upon to provide expert legal analysis on national television.  Mr. Copeland currently serves as a legal analyst for CBS News and CNN.  He frequently appears on Larry King Live, Fox News and “The O’Reilly Factor.”  He has been quoted in People Magazine, In Touch Magazine and US Weekly.

Mr. Copeland has also served as a temporary judge in various Los Angeles Superior Courts.
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